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Getting Kids into Airsoft


Airsoft Media

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Old November 14th, 2017, 13:51   #1
Join Date: Nov 2017
Getting Kids into Airsoft

Hey everyone,

I am getting my friends son into airsoft. He is 12. I gave him a bunch of accessories and his mother purchased a basic seethrough model as his first airsoft gun.

The funny thing is, the 12 year old's best friends mother found out and told his mother (my friend) that I cannot go near her son; she thinks I am a psycho because I am into airsoft, she equates what I am doing to being no different than the wackos shooting up people.

I really don't care what she thinks and I will not be arguing but will respect her choice.

In conclusion, my friends 12 year old son is starting to make YouTube videos in regards to scope, magazine, airsoft, mre, etc reviews.
I am doing my part to educate him and other people in regards to our sport in Canada.

Here is a link to one of his videos, he is giving away silhouette paper targets and two airsoft magazines.

(If this video is not allowed, please remove the video link and I will link a different one; this is his most recent airsoft related video)

Please if you guys and gals can show some support, that would be great. I want to show people that we are human just like everyone else, just because we are into airsoft, doesn't make us weirdos.
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Old November 22nd, 2017, 09:35   #2
Join Date: Nov 2017
I think that's awesome. Way to go!
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Old November 23rd, 2017, 18:15   #3
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Location: grande prairie alberta
Guess i havent earned my stripes yet i dont think im a psycho

But in all seriousness its good to get kids educated with toy guns in a safety manor rather than games like call of duty or battlefield where there is no such thing as trigger control oreven respect for what they are using or even real steel cause of an accident happens there there will be consequence

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