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Mock bolt catch arm broken, NEED HELP finding one!!!


Doctor's Corner

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Old June 1st, 2018, 11:50   #1
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Mock bolt catch arm broken, NEED HELP finding one!!!

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum so I will start by saying hello. I have a dilemma... I had a dumbass former friend over and he wanted to see my gun and me being a nice guy that day let him do so. All was fine for a while until his wannabe gangster came to the forefront of his feeble mind and he racked the charging handle like he was trying to pull teeth. The plastic mock bolt catch arm which is used to slide the mock bolt cover back in order to get to your hop-up to adjust it has broke in half and I cannot find a replacement or even a charging handle that comes with the piece as well. Now my mock bolt cover has bent and my charging handle falls out especially when transitioning to my sidearm. I live in Newmarket, Ontario so if there are any AirsoftDoctors/Techs out there near me or in the GTA that have this piece hanging around; Please let me know. I will buy it off you and if you also have a mock bolt cover for a AR/M4-MK18, I will buy that as well. Also on a side note, I have a ???SAI/EMG/AW??? DS 2011 and the ambidextrous safety broke off on the left side. I have heard of this happening to other people and was just wondering what would be a good way to turn the ambi-safety to just a right handed safety with the open hole and cut-away where the left-hand safety was seated. Is there a product that I can buy that is compatible with this pistol as a lot of parts are not, Even AW 5.1 mags need the baseplate shaved down a little bit in order to fit. I either need to buy the EMG base plates for them, deal with the small annoyance or find the ones made for the gun which are just AW 5.1 mags with the different baseplate thatís is made for the gun. Sorry for running a bit off course there but please guys, I need some help with this as I cannot find the catch arm anywhere at all. Also, anyone who wants to play some outdoor games PM me or post on here. Have fun everyone!!!!
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Some charging handles to come with that piece

BA Level 3 Certified
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