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Consistency after Inner Barrel Removal help


Upgrades & Modifications

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Old April 16th, 2018, 17:41   #1
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Consistency after Inner Barrel Removal help

First time touching the internals of an AEG(G&G A5). Recently took the inner barrel and hop-up unit out of the gun and then stripped the bucking off to clean the barrel. Upon re-assembly, I lined the groove up, reinstalled the bucking/clamp/bushing and up re-installed into the hop-up and then the gun. 200rounds later it is shooting predominately to the left, yet still keeping a 3" group at 30ft. anything after 50ft elevation is consistent, yet windage is extremely sporadic (range is inside)

My question is how would I correct the Shooting left problem, as well as longer range consistency?

Stock Barrel and Hopup G&G green bucking. shooting .20 g G&G BBs 390-405 fps

To note, out of the box the gun shot left, and required pretty sever correction on the installed iron sights to bring it to zero, but maintained that zero for 4000ish shots within 30-40ft (with the occasional flyer) longer range windage was always an issu
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Old April 16th, 2018, 22:06   #2
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Check to see if the nub is sitting correcting in the Hop Up. Make sure the barrel isn’t turned?
Also check for wear in the bucking itself. The G&G green is soft and can rip pretty easily. I used to swear by them, now I run only Modify flat Hop

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Old April 20th, 2018, 09:40   #3
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you likely have the barrel/bucking misaligned. another potential issue is the nub itself, it could be catching on one of the side walls of the barrel upon applying hop. have you done the Teflon tape/floss mod to your barrel group? is your bucking sitting properly on the barrel inside the hop chamber? are the lips on the hop rubber torn? these are all potential areas that would cause you that issue.
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Old April 20th, 2018, 19:10   #4
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i would also like to add that you turn up the hop once you have the barrel installed into the hop up unit and install the C clip and look down the barrel to make sure the nub is depressing the bucking flat.

also make sure the barrels and outer barrels have been installed straight.

had similar problem like you. rebuilt a few times and the matter resolved itself.

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Old April 20th, 2018, 21:41   #5
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your hop up is misaligned. The reason your gun still shoots straight up to about 30ft 50ft whatever is because essentially all of an airsoft guns range and accuracy is due to a physical phenomena known as the magnus effect, which the hop up is responsible for. Essentially by spinning the bb you create an area of low pressure above the bb and an area of high pressure below that counteracts the effects of gravity on the bb (exactly the same way an airplane wing generates lift, but a wing does it using a special shape). when the spin is not vertically aligned the force that keeps the bb in the air now pushes it in whatever direction the y axis of rotation is on. Anyway the reason your gun shoots straight for the first little bit is because the magnus effect only works at low speeds, so basically the distance the bb travels straight before curving is the distance that the projectile is travelling to fast for the phenomena to occur.

The fix is simple, pull it apart and make sure that the hop up is pushing flat into the barrel, or if its pointed slightly as stock hops tend to be make sure the "point" is perfectly centered.
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