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E Hobby customer service delay...


Retailer Resolution Center

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Old June 8th, 2010, 14:04   #1
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Thumbs down E Hobby customer service delay...


Will try to make it a short story.

I pre ordered a item on Ehobby, item was delayed and I asked for a refund.

Ehobby issue me a coupon.

So far so good.

But, when you use the coupon, you can t combine it with other coupon (I have a discount with ehobby), so I ended up losing around 50$ because I had to use the refund coupon and could not combine it with the discount code.

Finally, they agreed to refund me the 50$ on my next order and let me use my other coupon (clear all of those coupons), but the transaction is still not completed...

What really bother me is:

1) Very slow to reply to my messages, usually with a 3-4 day delay (They did inform me that they have a shortage of customer service agents...)

2) The fact that you can only use one coupon / discount at a time should be modified to prevent this type of situation

Ehobby has historically been one of the best retailers I have deal with (and also my favorites), but the long delays for reply is leaving me perplex now...

Hoping to solve this issue quickly...
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Old July 12th, 2010, 08:14   #2
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long bong, I'm very sorry for this delay and as i guess there will be nothing quick about this case.

they delay was created once you were investigated for attempted fraud.
your paper work is still siting on my superiors desk.

Unless your an admin, there is no reason anyone should have more than 1 log in account on our website, on this forum, any site for that matter. let alone 3 + accounts
The only reason one we can think of, would be for deception.
what can be gained by many accounts? hiding the facts of a crying wolf customer to gain many discounts and refunds.
what are you trying to do? stack your discounts. *

And the "one's mine and the others my friends account" is on very thin ice especially considering they both have your address!
but maybe you live with your friend. maybe your little brother did it.

But irreverent of how much you have spent or plan to spend, deception has no place in a long lasting business relationship.
And now also because of your case and the codes you were using, you have put in jeopardy "others" discount. And you can bet they wont be happy ether.

*We have company policy that you can't combine discounts.
No discount on already reduced lines, No stacking of discounts in any form.
This is standard from many retailers.

But CS2 did offer to arrange this double discount and failed.
I then attempted to arrange this and failed once the deception was found and the case was taken out of my hands.
I would still like to arrange the promised discount if I'm permitted.

If you want to proceed with your order next order I can try and liberate your paperwork, although ATM I'm unsure what discount you will get.

but for future reference please note, its one or the other.
how you say, you can't have your pudding and eat it too.
...Lugers and Rugers and M1's and the all for sale...
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Old July 13th, 2010, 13:24   #3
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Location: Canada
Trade Rating: 211
Sounds good, I will contact you directly for my next order.

Simply put, you should not combine refund and discount code together, since you can t combine them afterward.

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