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Old May 14th, 2018, 20:28   #1
Join Date: Jan 2018

forgive my ignorance.

why does banana end up in so many for sale subject lines?

what is a banana?

i know it as two things.

1> a fruit you buy at the market. it's helps you poop.

2> a westernized asian person. of which i am one and i can poop very well with out banana.

so not understanding this banana in the subject line is driving this banana bananas.


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Old May 14th, 2018, 21:23   #2
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Location: Markham
It's a keyword for Admins to search for when archiving/cleaning up ASC classified ads when all items in the thread are sold.
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Old May 14th, 2018, 22:04   #3
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3) Do not replace prices with "SPF" or "SOLD" when an item is sold. Instead, put “SOLD” or “TRADED” next to the price and add the word "BANANA" to your original post. Do not delete or edit out the content of sold listings. Sold items are moved to a searchable archive for potential buyers and sellers to see how much items were last sold for.

If your listing contains multiple items, mark items as "SOLD" and only add "BANANA" after ALL items in the thread have been sold: threads containing the word "BANANA" will get moved to the archive!

If you have new information to add, and the time period has not yet expired since your last valid post, then just add this new information in to the last post or in to the original post!

3) Do not bump with "BANANA", "SPF" or "SOLD": just edit it into one of your existing posts;
"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with 'til ya understand who's in ruttin' command here."
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Old May 14th, 2018, 22:15   #4
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the poop info was good to know. Banana is also high in potassium which is needed for signal transfer in neurons and muscle cells
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Old May 15th, 2018, 01:34   #5
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I propose that the banana is the nerdiest fruit because they are all radioactive clones.
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Old May 15th, 2018, 18:37   #6
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Isn't there some meme from a movie about a drug deal and the code word being bananna?

Or did i just make that up...

*Busy signing for his packages*
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Old May 18th, 2018, 12:56   #7
Join Date: Jan 2018
You could be thinking of Baby Driver? Bananas was a code word for success or confirmation or some thing along those lines.

Haven't seen it? Watch it if you like cars and good tunes. If not then watch the first 15 minutes at the very least.

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