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Review: Kifaru Express (lots of pics)



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Old August 24th, 2005, 04:45   #1
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Review: Kifaru Express (lots of pics)

Heya, just got this pack a few weeks ago, I had a few requests for a writeup/review of sorts so here we go...I also put it up at lightfighter for those that care.

This was the 2nd kifaru purchase for me, but my first actual pack. The Express was exactly what I was looking for. I love multicam but thought it to be a huge waste to buy a MC pack that's covered in PALS webbing, as I don't tend to throw on many extra pockets or pouches. But it's nice that the option is still there to attach select kifaru dock and lock pockets. I'd ordered an E&E pack just months earlier and it fits nicely on the Express when I need the extra room. From here on I guess I'll let the pics do most the talking.

Still gotta do something about all the excess webbing and black buckles...

Here I added some esstac packrats on the belt, handy spot for small stuff - gloves,multitool, folder, flashlight, chem lightsticks...etc..

Here's a look with the top open. The two aluminum stays work great, they run the length of the pack just inside the hydro pocket.

Looking down the hydro pouch, seems pretty big, could probably fit 2 3L camelback bladders if you wanted. I've only stuck one 3L in there with tones of room to spare.

There's a port at the top of the pack where the hose exits. Where the hose comes through on the outside of the pack there is a peice of what I think is Hypalon that reinforces the area around the opening. One thing Im kind of disapointed with is the lack of a hanger for the bladder to hook on to. Maybe the pouch is so big to accomodate the CB carrier as well as the bladder but I tend to just run the plain bladder. I figure I'll just have to string some webbing across the top chamber pocket rings for it to hang from.

Also at the top is a small chamber pocket that seems to come standard. Handy...

A nice pocket on the outside for maps and whatnot...Me on the other hand...GTA San Andreas :P

Another nice feature is the zipper at the bottom of the pack. So you can access the really important stuff that you *always* put at the bottom. At first I wondered if it was possible for the zipper to blowout if the pack was overloaded. The bottom lid is also supported by 2 sinch straps but the zipper itself is pretty beefy, i guess time will ultimately tell, but im not overly worried now.

Heres a shot through both ends...

2 sinch straps on each side of the pack.

Here's the 2 other straps at the bottom of the pack that help support the bottom lid, also rings for lashing on sleep gear or whatever.

This is one of the cooler features on the pack in my opinion. I don't know if this is a standard thing on Kifaru or anyother packs for that matter but I think it's great. Each strap has a nifty sliding clip which lets you release the pack in a second should you need to. Just remember to undo the belt first, heh. A nice way of ditching the pack without having to slack all the straps off a ton. Goes back together just as easy as you unclip them too...very cool.

Both the Express and the E&E. The E&E is sporting some BHI Double AK pouches and a Maxpedition dump pouch in the center.

Here's the bare E&E pack.

The E&E docked onto the the Express.

Overall Im damn pleased with the pack. Short of the lacking of hydro bladder hanger the pack does everything I could ever ask and more. Nice and streamlined but still has room to add pockets. I think I'll keep it for a little while :tup: Hope I covered all the bases, if you have any comments or questions i'll try to accomodate.

PS...Buy my weesatch
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Nice setup you got there. I was thinking about the E&E pouch instead of a regular Molle hydration carrier for my Callahan. Where did you buy it from if you don't mind telling me. :mrgreen:
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Old September 18th, 2005, 22:35   #3
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Are the frame stays prebent or do you need to bend them yourself? And do they lock into the hip belt somehow to transfer the load?
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