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hi, new airsofter here



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Old March 3rd, 2008, 18:45   #211
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Originally Posted by ColtFarmer View Post
I remember my first game ever, in the middle of january... getting home and feeling my body, it was cold to the touch... ahhhh memories.

winter airsoft is really fun, you run into some technical problems sometimes though, pack a springer!
Or if all else fails don winter camouflage and mercy your enemies.
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Old March 4th, 2008, 12:59   #212
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Winter airsoft on the west coast sucks, we aren't running around in snow. Just rain storms, or freezing rain. Friggin sucks. We went through a bog in one or our milsim games to avoid the enemy, we were drenched my goggles were fogged but we made it lol. I'd rather play in snow than ran any day I don't think you'd have the same goggle fogging issues. Cold is eaiser to deal with when your dry.

Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
Its a good thing stupidity doesnt have mass or whole sections of this board would collapse in and destroy themselves in a stupidity singularity.
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Old March 11th, 2008, 13:57   #213
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this is my project, please feel free to comment. it will be in a couple posts because its long.
thanks mia

Ethnography Project
Airsoft, a small subculture
Airsoft is a combat sport, similar to paintball, but very different. The sport uses replica fire arms that shoot plastic BBs. These guns can be electric, gas or bolt action (manually cock the spring) powered guns. The sport started in Japan in the late 1970s to provide people who collect gun an alternative because its illegal to collect real fire arms in Japan. Also it was a good market for the Chinese since a lot of guns are made there. In East Asia the sport is very popular, but in Canada is frowned upon by many people who are not in the airsoft community.
Airsoft is popular because it shows a very big similarity to the real thing, without actually killing or seriously harming a person. The sport started with spring powered guns, then there were gas ones, similar to paint ball. Later they made the electric ones, eliminating the need to carry around a hose and tank to hold the co2. It became popular in North America for the paintballers who wanted a more realistic sport. Airsoft is its own subculture because not very many people play or have even heard of the sport. The sport is taken very seriously by the players, and organizers and sellers of the equipment. The people who play the sport are very helpful to new comers and love what theyre doing, and it makes the sport even more fun and the community around enjoyable. The guns are one to one replicas of the real thing, and all military equipment can be used.
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Old March 11th, 2008, 13:57   #214
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1. Army pants ( or camo)
2. Army shirt (or camo)
3. Boots
4. Guns ( for example I have a tactical force mp5 replica with a flash light and scope)
5. Mask or goggles (balistic rated goggles, paintball masks are fine)
6. Vest (varies depending on your setup) the vets usually has multiple pouches to carry anything and everything needed for a game.
7. Magazines (mags is what we call them)
8. Hat for the winter
9. Extra clothing
10. Water bottle canteen or camel back water container
11. Bbs come in 6mm, different weightswhich vary: .2g, .25, .28, .30 and many more. A few rare guns use 8mm bbs.
12. Extra guns
13. Always carry extra equipment just in case
14. Bb loader
15. Batteries or gas (propane)
Guns are a very big part of the sport. The guns are usually face replicas of military style guns. These guns shoot little plastic bbs that can travel anywhere from 230 fps-500fps (Depending on the spring used, barrel type, quality of parts and airseal). An Airsoft gun can be anywhere from 30$ at Canadian tire (also known as softair or crap soft, for the lack of quality and power, which are not recommended and laughed at, when taking this sport seriously) to about 2500$ for a really nice systema a PTW (Systema PTW is a Professional Training Weapon). Most peoples guns vary from 400-1000$ when finished upgrading (mine is about 600$ but still making it better).
The average airsofter has about 2 guns, but some have multiple guns because its good to have a secondary gun at the games, and its nice to have a variety of choice when going to a game, because there are big differences in gun. For example an ak47 does not shot nor has the same feel of a ptw systema.
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Old March 11th, 2008, 13:58   #215
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1. Mags
2. Multicam , woodland, cadpat, blacks, mixes.
3. Ptw, mp5, ... ect.
4. company names : low condition to high, jing gong (350-450) tokyo marui (500+) classic army (600+) ics(600+)g&p (800+)vfc (1000+) SystemA (2200+)
5. clones - jing gong copys Tokyo marui, clone is not unnecessarily a bad thing, jing gong is starting to outperform tm
6. chairsofter - you sit home all day talking on the forums, and never going to actual games, but talking about how good your are at the sport, you are a chairsofter
7. Controls (run, left,..ect) one big control system is the alphabet system, which is not used by all, only by some.
0 Ze-Ro
1 Wun
2 Too
3 Tree
4 Fow-Er
5 Fife
6 Six
7 Sev-En
8 Ait
9 Nin-Er
They are the different camouflages (camos) people use. The USA uses acu or marpat. Canada uses cadpat, both green for woods and the brown for desert. Germany uses flecktarn. Every country uses a different form of camo, its used to better blend with the background/serroundings. However, new digital camos work a lot better; it breaks up your shape a lot more. New camos like Multicam use special chemicals that eliminate IR rays making you invisible on night vision also.
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Old March 11th, 2008, 14:01   #216
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1. Read the faq (frequently asked questions) and the airsoft forums on the web site. (
2. After games they usually go out and have food, or when there big outdoor games they have a party afterwards.
3. Before the games you have to suit up, and get ready, maybe show off your gun and other artifacts.
4. The organizer always runs down the rule and scenarios of the game before you start.
The faqs are very good for newcomers to the sport, it tells you everything and anything you need to know about the sport, for example you cant ship guns from over the border without the proper licence. The forums are also good because it shows you what is going on in the community and how it can affect you. Also it shows different events going on in the world that are important to the community. The forums can also lead you to people selling parts or wanting to buy parts also. Lastly the forums are a good place to introduce yourself and to get to know everyone that plays the sport.
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Old March 11th, 2008, 14:01   #217
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1. There is the organiser, whose like a king, running the whole show, watching over the players, making sure things run smoothly, usually not joining in on the game, but acting as a ref, incase there are arguments between players, if anyone is hurt, to help with medical attention. The organizer charges for games ($25-$60), and make sure everyone has a good time
2. They are team leaders or captains, who have websites, organizes who is in there team, usually by there play style and camouflage, giving there team a unique look and style, so that they are recognizable.
3. They are lower players (subordinates), who follow there captains rules, there captain usually helps with things, letting everyone know who is coming to the game on there team.
4. They are independent players, who have no team, either because they disagree with local teams, or just prefer to be able to play with anyone in any way they feel.
5. Snipers, not everyone can be one, you have to show respect to the other players, and people usually have to know you well, sniping is a privilege. Since most guns are shooting over 450 fps, they dont allow anyone. There are engagement distances for snipers, usually no closer than 100 feet, because they can seriously hurt a player, breaking teeth or piercing the skin. You have to be known by other players, because they wont trust just anyone with a powerful gun to be shooting them at close distances.
6. Newbies and players under 18. Newbie is a term for someone new to the sport. Usually on ASC (airsoft Canada) forums, they ask a lot of dumb questions that have been answered countless times before. (Players bellow 18 years old arent allowed to play because they dont show maturity and for legal reasons, they cannot obtain a gun themselves legally, therefore other players and fields dont allow them to play.)

The organizer is a key asset to the game because without him there is no game. One organizer in the community is Testtube he works with some people who own the mill in Beauharnois (30 mins from Montreal). He plans the events and makes sure only a certain amount of people show up. The hard thing about being an organizer is someone always has a problem with the game and how things are running and the rules of the games. It takes some time to organize the games and you have to be very committed to the sport. A lot of the scenarios that Testtube come up with are: attack/defend, POW (Prisoner of war, you have to take a prisoner, usually its Ronan), objectives, search and rescue, and vip escort (very important person is bringing from one place to another without him being shoot)
Snipers are very important players to the game because they can help out a lot in different missions and simulations taking place in the sport. Not a lot of people play this position because its expensive to get the gun, and you have to have a very good aim and be known by everyone in the small little community. In the airsoft community there is one sniper called cnd_stalker, he is respected in the community and is a good sniper. He is not a sniper in every game he goes to; he plays about 3 or 4 games as a sniper a year. Snipers arent always shooting people; they also get recon assignments (gathering information on the enemy) and send it back to home base.
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Old March 11th, 2008, 14:02   #218
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1. Outside in fields or forests, where no one is around on special areas with insurance for the players, such as action commando, a paintball field in Montreal. It is frowned upon and illegal in most cases to just play in the woods behind your house.
2. Inside paintball arenas
3. There are no 'airsoft only' buildings, there are no companies in Canada that will insure airsoft only fields, the price is too high, and it is in a grey area in Canada, its not illegal, but its not legal.
4. Factories (for example the mill in Montreal) always played on private property, never on public property (usually the buildings are owned by paintball or a fellow airsofter).
In Canada they are not allowed to have official airsoft buildings because of the fact that airsoft is not an accepted sport. Therefore the price to have the place for this sport is very, very high. The sport is not an illegal sport; it is just not accepted in Canada. The government decided not ban it completely to make the airsofters happy, but that also decided to make it very hard to play.
For the guns, 0.20g bbs speed: 350fps max indoors, 400 max outdoors for standard players, 450-500 for snipers, depending on the field and players involved

Must be in uniform, some sort of camo, usually multicam or woodland for c.q.b.. Desert, woodland or black wear for outside. The blacks usually go on both teams.

Must wear goggles or a mask at all time, mask vary depending on where the game is taken place,.

Must be over 18 to play. If you are under 18 and they field that the game is on will let you play, your parents have to be with you at all time no matter what. The game is a sport not a babysitting place.

Must call your hits (when shot must say youre dead and wait for the next round, unless specified not to)

Must bring good sportsmanship.
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Old March 11th, 2008, 14:03   #219
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hey, thats it, all i need is a conclusion, which is coming soon
thanks for reading
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Old March 11th, 2008, 14:26   #220
Stone Evil
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Just because a female shows up, everyone and their dog shows up to say stupid stuff. How highschool. I wonder what the average age of posters to this thread are...wait a minute...I'm here!!!!
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Old March 11th, 2008, 14:31   #221
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Originally Posted by Stone Evil View Post
Just because a female shows up, everyone and their dog shows up to say stupid stuff. How highschool. I wonder what the average age of posters to this thread are...wait a minute...I'm here!!!!
This is my first post in this thread.
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Old March 11th, 2008, 16:32   #222
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I retract my initial disbelief and commend you on your hard works and obvious research. kudos!

That said, I dropped out of high school 3 times before completing my grade 12 (learning disability) but I can still say that this here is poorly written. I'm hoping it's just the way it's copy pasted.

Re-read it all a few times many obvious typos, re edit it.

To bring it back to the positive, it is filled with a lot of info that I would have loved to have on my first month on the site here. Good luck.
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Old March 11th, 2008, 16:36   #223
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Originally Posted by spike666 View Post
... The blacks usually go on both teams...
Maybe you should re-word that.
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Old March 12th, 2008, 01:29   #224
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By the way...its not "GOLF" it's "GULF".

And I hated GULF company when I was at Borden. They would always march with the cadence "What time is it? GULF TIME!" I actually wanted to know what the time really was...but they kept fuckin' saying "GULF TIME" 3 years in a row.
The Distance Between Courage & Stupidity Is Exactly Nine Millimeters
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Old March 12th, 2008, 01:33   #225
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Holy, this is the biggest welcome (and sausagefest) thread ever! What awesomeness

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