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Retailer Question

Hey everyone, just a question with regards to an order my brother made from a retailer. He purchased a $36.00 flash hider that was labeled as 14mm CCW threading.

When the flash hider arrived it did not thread on the gun, note that he has installed many other 14mm CCW flash hiders so it is not an issue with the gun. It can be one of two things, 1) the product was labeled incorrectly on the retailers website, or 2) the product was made poorly and the threads were messed up from the factory.

While the retailer has agreed to refund money for the flash hider, he will not pay for return shipping. I understand that if I was to return something because I did not like it, I would have to pay for return shipping. However, I feel that if a product is not labeled correctly on the website, or the retailer sent the wrong product why should I have to pay the return shipping as it was not my fault?

Is it worth pursuing this further or should he just suck it up? I know the quality control is pretty low on most Airsoft parts ect but threading is a pretty simple thing to screw up which leads me to believe it was labeled incorrectly on the website... unless others have had this issue.
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