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Some CP drivers are real turds and should be quartered and hung up to be gnawed on my a thousand hungry mice.

At work we shipped out a package of medical equipment to a customer, who works at and lives, near CFB Petawawa. Shipped via Expedited Parcel and picked up by our regular CP driver around 1530h Monday, March 23rd. (PU from downtown Toronto)

Customer called in this week inquiring about her package and online tracking said it was delivered Tuesday, get this, March 24th at 0726h. Never in my time there have I seen a package move so quickly but because it was clearly marked as delivered online we though the customer was trying to scam us or it was delivered to a wrong address or neighbor. But, customer claims that she was at work at 0730h and there was no one home to sign for and receive it. No of her neighbors had it or seen it.

Problem is this. We ship every single package with insurance and signature required regardless if the customer requests it or not. Took us 2 days to even pull down a copy of the signature. Seeing as the website says it's been delivered, there is absolutely no way for us to make a claim. We even considered ordering her another item but it would cost us another $100 as the price had gone up.

Turns out, the driver signed for it them self and left it at an unused doorway. Been sitting there for 2.5 weeks. Our only course of action now is to submit an inquiry as to why the driver signed for it and to have the customer do the same.
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