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Some great advice here . Thanks for all the info and encouragement to get out and enjoy the sport. Played my first game, a CQB match. It was smaller than i hoped for and there wasn't a great deal of options in terms of places to go. It really only gave us a gallery to shoot in and not a lot else.

Got tagged a number of times and it left bee sting size welts on my skin. They don't feel too good going off your hands either but this was all expected

I couldn't aim down my sites with the full face protection so my M4 was really only good for covering fire as i couldn't trace my shots and aim accurately at all.

My pistol work scored me some hits and overall i only tagged 3 players that called it in at least lol.

So though my ego was slightly bruised and my M4 was limited use i got to experience some fast paced close quarters rounds.

I am posting all this in this thread because i ran out today and got the diablo as well

Im thinking of mixing the parts on the two of them up
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