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Ok this could be a very involved thread but i'm hoping to get some much needed answers.

I am currently based in the Scotland and plan to move to the Toronto area in February of next year and hope to continue with airsoft when i get there. With this in mind i would be looking to meet up with some players who can introduce me on site, no one likes being the loner LOL

I have checked with the airline and know the rules on flying in with my kit (Hard secure gun case with no more than 2 weapons per case) but what i really need to know are the following (and this list will probably grow as i think of more questions)

1 - What are the rules and regulations for owning and buying (We have to be registered to be able to purchase and have to be classed as a regular skirmisher)

2 - what are the FPS limits

3 - what are the rules around blank fire grenades/trip mines etc

4 - are there any special requirements for transport of weapons to site

5 - is there a restriction on ammo weights (random one i know but i have heard of places saying no heavier than .3g and the likes)

6 - any restrictions of fire rate (full auto/semi)

7 - eyewear and face protection requirements, i currently either use mesh goggles or ESS ballistic goggles and occasionally ballistic specs

As i say this list will probably grow however if you can think of anything that i haven't covered then feel free to add it.

Thanks in advance guys and girls
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