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If this was run by the City of Toronoto...

1. Price of each bag of BBs would go up to some awkward odd amount that would be hard to make change for.

2. Price increase would be needed to cover the extra printing costs of relabeling the bags (which are already labeled)...and the 9 committee members who decided to do this.

3. Labels would need to be reprinted to explicitly state in overly large and garish font that these airsoft BBs are for airsoft guns, that they are 5.98 mm and not 4.5mm, that they are made of plastics not copper washed lead. That the purchaser assumes responsibility for the items once they are in transit and that opened packages cannot be returned. There would need to be at least one RFP put out for tender...and any responses would be tossed because Ford's brothers wifes sister-in-laws nephew would print them at Ford's printing shop anyways.

4. Then every BBBastard in the distribution chain would have to adjust their products.

5. Then every purchaser would need to pay a tax (oops, I mean admin fee), take an IQ test and sign a waiver that indemifies BBBastard for any stupidity on their part.

Easy peasy....until it was all scrapped when you get 90% of the way through all that.

The upside matter how dumb that e-mail's probably not going to be the dumbest thing you have to deal with today
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