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As for the longer length vs shorter not necessarily.....

Generally longer barrel (holding all else equal) is better I'm not going to argue that but it's minor at the end of the day. Pick something that's a "good size" for you. If you're a big 6'4" rugby player a small CQB-R is going to feel like a toy in your hands, conversely if you're a scrawny 5'6" guy a full sized M16 with a fixed A1 buttstock is going to be generally unwieldly.

Also hop up considerations make more of a difference than barrel length. You could have a 550mm barrel but with a crappy stock bucking and chamber it's not going to out range a stock TM MP5 with say a prommy bucking and neo chamber.

EDIT: Also, if you're in the Richmond area. At Airsoft Gear, Optix the owner will take down your AV info for you if you want to get AV'ed there and you can check out their cool toys as well. Or just show up to a game, I think your local crew will be Central Island Airsoft (seems like the forum is defunct but I believe they organize their games on Facebook now or something?)
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