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The primary strong point of TM guns in general is their hopup and firing system. Thats where clones can't really keep up. Higher FPS does not equal longer range, better accuracy or more precision. That is the hopup and general firing mechanism's job. Almost all TM AEG guns shoot at 280fps, but they usually outperform clones shooting 330fps or whatnot because they are more consistent in their shots, terms of trajectory of the BB. Same with the pistols. Its why the TM is suggested by the members here.

Just googling such a comparison would tell you what i just said. I recently looked into a KSC Glock 18 vs TM Glock 18 comparison and thats what it told me. I myself have a WE M9 and even though its full metal and shoots faster and is almost 100 bucks cheaper, a TM M9 is still what I'd go for next time, based on the one I got a look at recently.
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