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As has been said, theres a reason why most places don't let people they don't know or trust new people with bolt-actions. In order for a bolt-action operator to have any form of advantage over AEG gunners is the high FPS. When the FPS increases, as does the chance of injury. Its nothing personal but fun in airsoft only comes second to safety. Once you build a trust with your local players and they feel comfortable with you running a high-powered bolt action then by all means. Until then try and stick with an AEG.

You said you like bullpups, then once you get Age Verified and have access to the classifieds on this board you can then try and find someone selling an AEG along the lines of an AUG or L85. One thing to keep in mind though, try and stick with the "brand name" manufacturers like Tokyo Marui, CA, etc... and try to avoid clones as they are wrought with problems. Im sure there are volumes written about that topic all over the board.

One last piece of advice I can give is this: best way to avoid flames is to show effort of doing your own research. The biggest gripe we have here is people who make thread after thread asking the same questions. That just shows laziness and it gets tedious after a while. There are search bars at the top that lets you search this forum and Google for just these purposes. Also one more thing. Another way to avoid flames is to take the advice given to you by people who have been doing this long enough to know what their talking about. Always take whats said with a grain of salt of course. Another gripe we have is when new people don't like the answers their given and start a temper tantrum like a child. Realize we don't say things to spite you or whatever, theres usually a good reason. Attitude is the key to most things, and that goes big time around here. Have good attitude and you will find anything you want. Have the attitude of a child and you will be quickly shown that wont fly around here.

Hope you will make this jaunt into airsoft a permanent one!

Edit: I also just took a look at your previous posts to see what flaming you were talking about, and to be honest you did have as much fault in that as anyone else. Your reaction was just that I was talking about: temper tantrum. If you don't understand why we do something a certain way (like provide sources for guns to someone who is not AV'ed like you did in the thread you made) then ask why and hopefully you understand. Attitudes will get you no where really fast, or will make your experience with airsoft a great one like most of us here enjoy. It depends on which path you choose for yourself.
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This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.

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