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Originally Posted by ap27 View Post
KWA/KSC make a GBB M4 too now. Might be worth looking into. I haven't found any reviews for it so far
Yes forgive me, I forgot about KWA's M4 - it looks like a great gun! Also KWA has a great reputation and I find fairly good customer service. Their guns have solid build quality and are also to real steel spec.

To the OP: No worries, if you have any questions i'd be more then willing help you out!

I should also recommend typing in GBBR in the search and in the advance search options select search title only. There are quite a few threads on GBBR's only. As well as a WE thread for trouble shooting which will have a solution to almost any problem that you could experience with a WE.

Have fun! Be safe!
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