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Originally Posted by Freeze View Post
Ok, you got me at the age verifying thing....I'm not quite of age, but I'm close
Freeze, listen to the others here. They've been around the block a few times. A number here have been around since the board's inception. If you're close to 18, then a few more months won't matter.

Do read the FAQs, read what others have written, compare their opinions, and so on. During your wait, look a gathering gear (BDUs, tac vests, good boots, etc.) - you'll need that to game anyways. Be polite and show us that you're mature, and maybe some of the game organizers may even let you play with them using a loaner.

Don't complain about your age. When folks say "come back when you're 18", they usually mean to be AV'ed. They'll answer questions, but they won't help you purchase a gun, or suggest a gun, or point you to a seller, or anything else that involves a gun whatsoever. But they will (maybe) answer questions on most other subjects.

Don't be discouraged. We have a number of underagers here, and the nicer ones (read: those who have shown they are mature) have been allowed to play with permission of organizers. Usually these underagers are minimum 16, but have shown respect, maturity, asked reasonable questions, and have not been pissy or whiny about the AV process. Read through the Newbie Tank - you will come across posts by pissy/whiny kidiots, and posts by those who do sound reasonable/mature. It's up to you which face you want to present here.

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Stalker stays where he is.
His BB's fly across the country to hit their target.
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