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Originally Posted by leth1337 View Post
Too many "Milsims" aren't Milsims.. They're skirmishes for 12-18h+ fighting back n forth over the same buildings/rooms/valleys/rivers. The last "real" MILSIM I attended we set up 3 man posts for security. Did rehearsals at night for the morning mission, rotated watch/sleep, and assaulted at dawn. All while the special operator nvg recce teams were behind enemy lines all night mapping out the enemy camp and our assault path.

^ This.

Also, players are not ready to pay 30$-40$ for a game where you might not even shoot 1 BB in your whole day. 2 years ago I attended this game where me and my buddies were a recon squad, and shot a total of 6 BBs inside 8 hours. Did I had my fun ? Hell yeah, regardless if I shot 6 or 6000 BBs in my game.

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