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Originally Posted by Tymothee View Post
I know GI and evike both do free shipping over a certain threshold, so buying in bulk (gun, battery, charger, thrown in an accessory or two) and I might get it a little clearer, but I do know you can get pretty harsh charges on duty and etc.

The one thing that gets to me is the price in america versus here. I frequent torontoairsoft and the newly opened "select paintball/airsoft" up in vaughn, and even considering all the charges of shipping the prices seem so steep it hurts. They do sell a gun I want with intense passion from there, though,
and it is this one:

My worry is that I'm getting ripped off at that price for a G&P :/ am I wrong there?

I personal do not recommend G&P. you're buying the gun for the externals, not the internals if you go for a G&P. and that gun isn't even that great looking. for a lot less you can get the King arms for cheaper, and with great internals. plus, you have room to customize it. buy and RIS, crane stock, magpul pistol grip ect. M4s are just endlessly upgradable. and do not buy from american retailers.

Without paperwork or 366 FPS or higher, it'll get seized
with paperwork and 366 or higher, it can still take awhile to get through
brokage fees
all in all you're paying a lot more then the original pricetag. I've made a couple threads on this. everyone says the same thing.
and please don't provide people with links to guns, I'm pretty sure thats against ASC rules.
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