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Originally Posted by Rommen View Post
Excellent response sir. First let me say that I know Stryak started it lol, I just had to correct everyone being the science nerd I am. Just for the sake of absolute clarity, it is actually still chemistry even though you are looking at physical properties. Although I guess it could be considered to branch into some areas of physics such as thermodynamics or fluid laws.

Propane CAN be compressed to higher pressures, but under rather extreme conditions and my guess would be it would only practical in industrial-sized applications, perhaps when storing large amounts as fuel.

Most interesting point is how some Green Gas will perform differently from propane. I believe Stryak had the answer here, they are adding other gases than propane (C3H8) to the mix for whatever reason. Therefore the vapor pressure inside the magazine will be slightly different than a pure propane fill, giving the observed 10-30 fps variation.

Another point to make is that even if the fill container was 'supercharged' (and it's not) the transfer of gas into the magazine would negate any benefit. Any leaks from the valve during the fill, as well as the expansion and subsequent cooling would result in incomplete filling of the magazine. This would give the normal vapor pressure inside the magazine, even if the fill container was at higher than normal pressure.

God I love science lol
Good post. Styrak may have indeed been onto something. It's interesting to see how myth, science, what retailers/manufacturers tell you, and what actually is can differ so much.
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