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Originally Posted by uhc View Post
What I am worried is that once I buy it, I will outgrow the game and then I will be stuck with a $250 AEG. Could I sell it on Kijiji or something if I do not like the gun, or is that illegal?

Yes, you can resell the gun, in strict legal terms, to anyone over the age of 18, in any venue that will allow it's sale.

I thnk the bigger question that you need to ask, is if you are having doubts about $250.00, which is basically the rock-bottom pricing level as far as quality airsoft guns go in Canada, is are you going to be able to justify buying everything else related to Airsoft? Proper safety gear alone, is going to run you another couple hundred (gloves, boots, eye/face protection, hydration etc), game related gear (basic rig and BDU's) another couple hundred, things to make the rifle actually useful (batteries, magazines, magazine pouches, etc), ongoing maintenance of the rifle (ALL airsoft rifles have their bad mechanical days).. etc.

The airsoft rifle itself, is just the tip of the iceberg as far as airsoft expenses go. If you haven't the budget/haven't the stomach to stick with it from the get-go, don't bother.

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