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BBs supplied by the field

I expect that this is going to be a growing trend.. so I want to open the discussion here.

I have been seriously considering restricting to supplied by Field BBs for all games at TTAC3 and at FTF

here is why.

1. I can then ensure that rules with respect to bb restrictions are adhered to.

I require the use of .20 wight bbs at TTAC3 but I know for a fact that some people ignore me and shoot whatever they happen to have.

2. Enforce the use of Biodegradable bbs

-- As I am now using land that does not belong to me for my field I am concerned about future assessments of contamination with the use of plastic BBs , to eliminate this I am seriously considering going BIO BBs only at FTF. although I think that the environmental impact of BBs is negligible, others may not see it that way and I'd hate to be sued by the field owner for contaminating his property.

My intention would be to use BB Bastard products exclusively as in my opinion you can't get a better BB.

for the .20 I would have 1000 count bags made and sell at $5 a bag for indoor use. and I would offer Free Grenade BBs

$25 game fee would include a bag of BBs

At FTF I would require BB Bastard Bios be used and I would have them available for purchase at every game there.

I'm not sure I would require them to be purchased from me for that game alone.. but it certainly ensures that everyone complies

However this means that game costs would essentially double , $20 for field fee and up to $20 for a bag of BBs

How do people feel about this?
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