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Originally Posted by Love View Post
I listed that L47, as it's good to be experienced yourself. Its not good to always rely on others for a job done. Ofcourse there are better things to take, but lets face it. He's probably not gonna have money .
If that post came across as a "screw you, your opinion is stupid" kind of way I didn't mean that, I read it again now and I was kind of in a rush at the time (but it seems like you took it the way I meant it). I meant that advanced first aid certifications are a lot better because of the level of danger involved in a sport such as paintball or airsoft. Hell, hockey teams have teams of doctors, sport doctors, physiotherapists/chriophracters, and such on staff. Even something as simple as a childrens daycare there will be staff with advanced first aid and everyone hopefully should have at least a minimum of Standard first aid (2 day) with infant/small child care emphasis.

And yes you're probably right not too much capital to start a business as well.
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