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Has anyone tried 410A refrigerant? "red gas" is just R-22, which is being phased out of production, and propane in also a refrigerant. 410 is just at a higher pressure at lower temps, roughly the same as propane on a warm day actually.
Havent tried it in a cold weather game yet, but testing it in my GHK currently. 410a is actually about 100psig higher than propane at any given temperature i.e at 80 degrees F 410a is 230psig, while propane is 130psig.. at 32 degrees F, 410a is around 110psig so theoretically it should work about as well as propane down to the freezing mark.
Rubber seals and gasgets are safe to mix with hydrocarbon refrigetants but you may have to tighten some things because the pressure is higher.
Goolge search PT chart r410a and r290 (propane) for a complete refrence.
If youre going to be out in colder weather youd need to goto CO2 or I had the idea of taping 'hot mits' heating pads around the mags to keep em warm.
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