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Originally Posted by Burner1352 View Post
The bb's are velocity arms .20. I got them from the same place as the rifle. Yes but it will do it on semi. Also still can't figure out why tge gas keeps spewing out and not going into the mag. It was fine earlier today. I do know I now have a bb stuck in the barrel. Any ideas on how to get it out? Sorry to be a pain, do you have a link? When ever I search it doesn't work for me
If you are filling the magazine, and nothing is staying in the magazine, just spewing out of the filler valve, then you need to replace, repair, or tighten the filler valve.

If a bb is stuck in the barrel, turn your hop up all the way off, and use an unjamming rod to get it out.

Also make sure you are putting silicone in your mags. They need a lot.
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