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They're not stuck up, they're worried about the delicate nature of the sport. I'm pretty new myself, but I've learned that playing on anything but certified fields is a big no-no. It's one thing to be out in the woods shooting a hunting rifle or duck gun, it's quite another to be caught by RCMP or what have you carrying mock-up assault rifles and wearing full tactical gear. "Country rules" and "city rules" have no effect on the law, and if old grandma Taylor sees you guys running around with these guns she'll call in just about everything but the marines. And I can guarantee you the RCMP won't be happy about it.
I do understand this, and I don't want anyone here thinking I'm arguing and stuff, I'm not trying to act like an asshole or something, no hard feelings I hope!

But to clear things up.. Not even cops can stop you from playing Airsoft or Paintball on your private property, it isn't like they're any neighboors nearby, its a cottage in the woods... (i'm not talking about my city residence here! Although I would be aloud to play paintball or airsoft in my tiny yard, I have enough common sense to realize the effect it can have on others or to the sport itself (Its private property in a public area). I'm talking about a cottage in the woods on privately owned land.

Any airsoft gun that is distributed by the CANADIAN AIRGUN SUPPLY reads the following:
[blah blah blah]....Do not brandish or display this product in public as this may confuse people and may be a crime. Police and others may think this product is a real firearm. Do NOT bring this product to any school or public place. Only use this product in designated Airsoft Fields or on PRIVATE PROPERTY which you have full permission to play on."

In this case playing on privately owned cottage (with full permission) out in the woods is not a crime, it cannot scare anyone, because if someone sees us playing they are tresspassing anyways..

CAS goes on:

"Do NOT change the coloration and markings to make this product look more realistic. This is a dangerous crime."

While I agree everyone here needs to show they are responsible not to give this sport a bad name and all, it is pretty ironic that lots of ppl here get replacement parts for their airsoft guns to make it look even more realistic or get rid of any transparency.. these "all-black-guns" are just as illegal as playing in public..

So while this 'forum' (meaning the ppl in it) strives to abide by rules (like not playing in public.. it is breaking other rules, like the coloration and modyfying of guns.

So to those making a big thing out of me playing on a privately owned property out in the woods, make sure you follow ALL the rules as well...

As I've previously stated, this is all said in a very friendly manner, I hope you do not take offense, as no offense is meant and I appreciate your input.
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