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Originally Posted by QUATTROISKING View Post
:O so why not explain to me how a cheaper gun shooting 450fps with a properly tuned hop up (30$) and a 6.03. Tightbore(25$) will not have the same distance as a very expensive gun???
Does a 30$ cilinder head put extra pixxy dust on the 6mm bb?

And do I play airsoft? No... I used to play with Lego and silly putty, I do milsim.
Because you don't understand the physics.
There's more to it than just FPS, BB weight and hop rubber. Having constant air pressure and laminar flow behind the BB are critical to having good accuracy.

If you took and M4 with a good barrel and hop rubber and tested it with 2 different mechboxes, one fully upgraded and tuned, and one cheap chinese clone, both shooting 400fps, you'd note the tuned one has better and more consistent performance.

Why do you think people spend $2500 on PTW's?? It's because the internals are more precise, and higher quality. That's how they get their performance.
By your thinking, I could spend $450 on a KA M4 and have it shoot as well as a finely tuned $1300 AEG or $2500 PTW

Is it possible to achieve great performance with a stock rifle, new barrel & hop? Yes. Yes it is.
Does it happen often? Absolutely not.
Once you achieve all requirements to make a good shot, they're met. And upgrading the gun simply won't make a difference.
At that point upgrading is about reliability more than performance.

At one point the average range of an AEG here was 80ft, and that was good for us. We just has no idea it was physically possible to send a BB out to 240+ft.
Now that we understand the physics behind it, the average range is around 180ft, with some guns shooting further still

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