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I have the C8 and I help maintain another. It feels, sounds, and runs like a million bucks, you just need to deal with some basic quirks before you start gaming it regularly.

If and when you get this gun make sure you have the motor height adjustment threadlocked to keep the powerful motor from dropping.. it has a tendency to rattle the adjustment screw out if it isn't held in place (this can lead to your pinion gear getting completely shredded). Strongly consider swapping out the gears. They have a tendency to snap. Mine snapped 5 minutes into my first game (about 20-40 rounds in), then the replacements snapped too. I switched to an inexpensive set of SHS torque gears and haven't had issue since. I'm not sure why G&P hasn't addressed a quirk that is common enough to show up on YouTube videos over a year old -- the rest of the gun is so off-the-charts high quality and strong that it's bizarre that their gears break so often . Finally, swap the full metal piston for a polycarbonate one, especially if you're not planning to swap out the gears at first.

If you can get access to a *good* gun doctor and you have some patience, get your gun re-shimmed from-the-bevel. You want your expensive gun to be flawless.

Also, if you want to become really good at fixing guns really fast, ignore all of the above and just let it explode to bits. You'll be an expert at everything from shimming to angle-of-engagement in less than a month .
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