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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Of course, this whole "Canadian Legal" bit is utter bullshit as well: the laws haven't changed in any way, bill C68 hasn't been modified or amended to take clearsoft or halfbreeds into account.
The rules required no changes to make a determination on transparent receivers. By definition, the clear receivers are a move to adapt to the standing law, not the other way around. The clear receivers have been ok since day one of C-68. Just because it took the market years to reach the point where they are a valid product does not mean the law itself is at odds with them.

The rules in the books are the same as they were before and subject to interpretation by CBSA, an interpretation which could change at any time without notice.
The only change on clear to have occurred on clear guns are the KJW Hi-Capa, and that was because it was an obvious technical mistake (to us, which we openly talked about here) even from the beginning. If CBSA and the RCMP were interested in reversing the rulings on all clear KJW GBBs, they would have done along with the Hi-Capas.

Clear guns don't make it into Quebec (international imports) and word is Quebec's CFO has already taken a stand against clear guns because the receivers can be easily painted black.
The individual authority of the CFOs are somewhat overrated.
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