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Originally Posted by Shirley View Post
I agree that Brian has offer these types of scenarios and they are really good.
But when you're talking about restraints, you need professional training for it. There were some incidents before where it has gone bad. Now if you had a scenario where a person was resisting a restraint, you're going to have injuries happen.

Another thing to look at is Use of Force.
There are many ways to deal with a person and how this person responds.
For example, the use of force continuum.

s.130 CCC would not apply here as it is an airsoft simulation. But I don't think it should be a police-style loadout or that you have to use.

I believe you should have a person who was in the LE field, working or retired and that was trained would help greatly on this.
The reason is in the real world, LEO would lack training in managing a conflict where they would use excessive use of force. Now exceeding use of force can get you in trouble/sued, and SIU would be involved.
The reason I referred to the Use of Force continuum is because it takes the right communication to deal with a person and de-escalate the conflict, rather than jumping to lethal force.

Now paperwork; there is huge paper work that follow when you draw your weapon. Any weapon you draw out, you need to file paper work on why you took out your weapon. Then there is arrests reports where it can take pages. When you are not making an arrest and come to a call for a small situation, there is also pages of paper work you need to follow which is the General Occurance report.
Dealing with witnesses, you're going to have to have witness statements made. There's basically paper work for everything. And then there is warrants where I won't get into..

Evidence, there's so much ways to deal with evidence and collecting evidence at a scene. Then if there's death and all, coroners involved..

Stuff like that is what LEO's need to follow. Sure they do make mistakes, that's where there's the court system.. lol
After doing my Criminal Law course I would agree with Shirley in regards to s.130 CC....but it still wouldn't hurt to get a lawyers opinion. Anytime a question was brought up, my teacher (who is a lawyer for the EPS) would always say 1 thing: "That depends..." There are always different factors that can change the way the CC is interpreted.

s.130 CC: Impersonating a Peace Officer (this is in the synopsis)
"The offence may be committed by a person either by actually representing himself as a peace officer or public officer, or by using a badge or other equipment which is likely to cause others to believe that he is such an officer.

Much of the equipment we use is very similar to the police equipment so its an iffy one. Like I said, I am agreeing with Shirley, but a lawyers opinion couldn't hurt. And at the bare minimum just make sure nobody has patches that say "Police", "SWAT", etc.

Other than that I would love it and would definitely go if it were to be here in Edmonton
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