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Originally Posted by Deadpool View Post
Since the last batch of AVing has been done and he still doesn't have his tag, I'd go with too young.
I signed up january 12th 2012... I might have an appointment next week to get verified. I thought this part of the forum was free of wrongful judgement and flaming.

I want to thank everyone who gave contructive criticism towards the subject.

As for the title of the thread goes, it's more of a bad translation on my part than an actual thread about bendings and avoiding laws and such. The idea wasn't to avoid or bend rules but to abid them fully.

I had a misconception that the law was put in place to stop realistic replicas to be brought in without a license in which the Thundermaul legally wouldn't apply to. But now I understand that it's deeper than the surface/body of the gun.

In any way, 165$ for a Thundermaul to someone who wants 2-3 games under his belt before spending three times the money for a good quality gun sounded like a better opportunity for me than buying one at Canadian Tire and at roughly the same price.

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