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Originally Posted by rustysdream View Post

I did not get upset until an "age verified admin" (let's just call him MORON) sent me to Legoland. I didn't even bother taking my turn to send him somewhere after that.
I don't know why some members don't understand that I have nothing against the rules and I'm perfectly fine with traveling to see a rep who would verify my age. (Actually, I just got an e-mail last night from a rep to make arrangement.)
Anyway, I have no problem with any part of your policies as long as I am being treated equally. But when someone jumps out of the bush and starts screaming and yelling like an insane, that doesn't help your community.

i have seen that before on this websight.
some mebers have the habbit of flaming new people who have general question such as yourself. i am sorry that some of the other mebers on this websight have no repsect for new mebers. i have seen this far too meany times. i myself try to help if i can answer the questions you have. so if thats all it is then i am here glad to answer questions you have and please igonore the people who are not so helpfull.

if you think that people are treating you wrong then PM one of the mods and they can try to help you out.

sorry about all the flaming and if i was a mod i would be doing a bit more to stop that.

p.s welcome to ASC and i hope after this little problem you enjoy the sport as much as i do.

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