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This is the posts he has on Airsoft Kelowna's forums.

M4A1 TM-Clone AEG.


Allright, i have a Clone M4A1 for sale. barely any use at all on the gun at all.

Requires the user to put in a new fuse (Fuses are included x6 fuses)

Full size 1:1 Scale
Fully, Semi Automatic
Shoots at 330~350 FPS.
3 Point Adjustable stock
Fully metal barrel

Comes with; 9.6v Battery, Charger, Cleaning Rod, 300 Round (Metal) Magazine, 6 Fuses.

$220.00, shipped!!.

Other information can be found on my website, aswell as pictures.

check it out, you might just see somthing else you like

i can take payment via Pay-pal (+4%), or EMT, either through my websites checkout, or through manual processment.

Anyway if you require more information, send me a PM!


Yes i do, my mistake it is a 9.6v battery. Will edit my original post. I should also add that the gun needs a new fuse, which i will provide (6 as a matter of fact) ill also note that i will NOT take Returns, Exchanges, or Re-funds for this gun. just to make things unessiarly clear

So man your lucky to get a refund!
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