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What do you expect? Flaming newbs (even or especially when they deserve it) just makes them bitter towards the community, they'll want to hurt airsoft in canada any way they can.

Of course it's all just steam to be blown off, I doubt many of them would go through with it, but more damage can be done by calling them stupid than by answering their questions.

Verm, Army Cadets is a good program but (at least in my experience) didn't go too in depth for actual gun use. The C7 portion consisted of kneel and shoot, here's the safey here's the clip, it won't help *too* much. Instead I'd say stick around a bit and chairsoft for a while, learn about the guns and the fields and such in your area, play a little (if you're allowed by the field/parents/local police, you're going to need all three, lose one and the other two count for NOTHING) and then find out if you're mature enough. Don't do stupid things like shoot random people on the street, walk around with the gun exposed and the such, you sound smart enough not to do that. Sounds like you could really enjoy airsoft, but just wait a little bit. Don't let it discourage you that you shouldn't play immediately, just learn a lot before you play, ask plenty of questions (find somebody nice you can PM constantly) and when you know enough enjoy! Maturity is decided by willingness to learn and ask.
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