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redzaku... I'm 15 aswell so I totally understand the want to have an airsoft gun but you have to realize that it's not quite possible to have one yet. The rules here arn't dumb just incase you seem to think they are infact i think it's great that this site even allows us minors to have accounts and interact with veteran players and people much more mature than yourself. If i were you I would accept what they have told you which is you can't get any airsoft gun through the border (even if you are 18) and that you should wait till your 18 to even be considering the purchase. So in the meantime do what I'm doing which is to read everything you can so by the time you hit the right age, it won't be such wierd world and you will know a lot about the sport.

cheers bud

PS: sorry for the long and quite possibly pointless post
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