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Originally Posted by R4dioT3ch View Post
Hi Moderators, I have been meaning to get "Age verified" on ASC for a few years now, and have never gotten around to it, can one of the moderators accept a scan of my PAL and Drivers Licence as substitute to meeting up? or are there any Moderators living in the Waterloo Region that I can meet up with to get verified?

Hell, Meet me at my gun club and bring along some AEGs, I own GBB's and would like to get an AEG and get into some of the ops?

-R4dio T3CH
PM one of these people below for AVing


Matt (Harbinger of Darkness)
Will verify Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph. I can meet people anywhere in KW and at any FR game.
Can be contacted at:
email (remove spaces): matt.malcolm @ gmail .com

Brenton (Tankdude)
Will verify kitchener area.
Can be contacted at:
ASC Private Message

100% sure it has to be a face to face meet, scanning won't cut it here.

Should be other verifyers at Flag Raiders (outdoor) though the next game, I think....
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