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Well, gents, it's been nearly half a year (mainly due to my own sheer laziness, ha ha!), but I think it's time to finally call "Project Gun-Cam" complete! Well, the prototype anyway, ha ha! Now, it hasn't actually been field-tested, but it's ready for testing! Here's the update:

Since last update, I've finally gotten around to constructing a protective casing for the camera lens to complete the contraption.

A return trip to the hardware store saw Project Gun-Cam's production cost sky-rocket nearly 200% with the purchase of a $3.99 plastic plumbing end-cap, although they ended up giving me a $1 discount on it!

Using duct-tape, this cap was secured to the protective covering I cobbled together earlier, ensuring positioning was precise, as the cap was literally the PERFECT size to allow the lens to extend through it, and the exact same length as the maximum distance that the lenses would ultimately extend out to.

Next came the lens cover itself (pictured in the lower-right corner of the first picture in this post), which was originally a protective cap for my Walther Reflex RDS, which was secured to the end of the cap on both inside and out with, you guessed it, duct-tape, ensuring that the camera lens wouldn't be obstructed.

A final quick cam-job with the original Real-Tree pattern duct tape to conceal the black tape and voila! It's a bit of a pain in the ass to attach, but once it's in place, it's good to go. At the moment, the only camera that I have is the one I'm using for the Gun-Cam, but as soon as I can borrow a buddy's camera, I'll get a final picture of it.

Below are two short videos me myself carrying the C8 with the Gun-Cam attached, solely for the purpose of testing the Gun-Cam's position on top of the receiver. And to give you an idea of the audio-quality of my camera, the music that you're hearing in the videos is playing from my computer speakers and being picked up by the on-board microphone built into the camera...what? I like music when I work, and it's a damn good soundtrack, ha ha! Quality setting is on Medium, which will grant me approximately 10 minutes of footage. It also has High and Low quality settings, which will allow for approximately 3 minutes and 2 & 1/2 hours worth of footage respectively. When I actually conduct Field-Testing, all three will be tested.

Gun-Cam mounted towards the front of the upper Receiver. Audience can only see the front sight, and I have a very hard time aiming the rifle.

Gun-Cam mounted towards the rear of the upper Receiver. I think this works much better, not only for the audience's perspective, but I can also aim much more easily. This will be the standard mounting position when I field test the Gun-Cam.

So there you have it! Project Gun-Cam R&D complete! Next phase: Field Testing! Current production cost: approx $4!

Ugly as sin? Hell yes! Cost-effective? You'd better believe your sweet can! Hope this little documentary of mine thus far has brought you equal parts smiles and innovation, ha ha! Field Testing will commence soon, and I'll post updates as soon as they're available, so keep your eyes out for more Project Gun-Cam!
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