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After finally getting around to reading this thread. It reminded me of a game I had at my private field back in the early summer. I wasn't feeling like playing much so I was just standing on one of the sniper towers watching. Well there was a little confusion between a few of the players over someone not calling hits. Some yelling started and the game stopped. I yelled out "No Duff" for the game to stop completely so that I could get over to were the problem was taking place, and sort things out. By the time I got over to the players that were arguing, they were shaking hands and apologizing to each other. The level of sportsmanship that these players displayed was awesome to see. So in the end it all comes down to maturity of the players. I have banned a few players from my games for being immature and not taking the game seriously. I hate doing that, but the players that come out to my games have spent lots of time and money of the kits they wear and the guns they use, And I won't tolerate the players who continue to ruin the day for the other players.
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