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Theesire: Hooray for the reasonable opinion!

mike: Not really.
When I wrote that post years ago, the Dan Wessons were new to Canada and selling like hotcakes.
The problem was, people saw a 'handgun' and thought that it should be used as a 'handgun' where the speeds they were shooting was more inline with the limits for a 'sniper rifle'.
Many groups required those using hot 'sniper rifles' to rigidly observe a minimum engagement distance or MED (usually 60ft, and many groups still do). That meant pulling a Dan Wesson as a secondary would be grossly violating the MED for high FPS guns. Coupled with the HUGE problems with 'joule creep' in gas guns vs. air compression guns (read up on this), and you could have a seriously dangerous airgun pointed at people in CQB ranges. Not good.

'Sniping' with one is a tough issue, because IIRC they didn't/ don't have any real, adjustable hopup system. A few different mod schemes existed/ exist to add a hopup and/ or lower the FPS, but none were universally successful at the time of my post.
Mods to lower the FPS which were available at the time were deemed unsuccessful by a tech I was working under at the time, due to their wild inconsistency.

My point was that they should be treated as 'Sniper rifles' (MED, used by a person known to not be a shitbird) or banned, not that they'd make a good one.
I have no idea what the deal with them is these days, maybe someone can enlighten us.

As for paintball vs. airsoft, I've done both exhaustively. Paintball will give you big ol' bruises, but airsoft will give you deep tissue damage and brutal infections. Win some, lose some either way.

They'll both destroy your eyes and knock out your teeth, that's for sure.
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