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Originally Posted by KoolAidMan View Post
someone should post a list of generic troll sayings and if you post it you get and infraction
Here's a few off the top of my head

1. We don't play in public, we play on my dads/uncles/friend's dad's/aunty sue's land that is secluded and not visible to the public

1a. Above + the farm/land is outside of city limits (when told that discharging of airguns within city limits is a bylaw violation

2. I only want to know the prices so that when I turn 18 (in 2-6 years) I'll have enough money saved

3. I only want to buy it to target shoot, I can't go to games because I'm not 18

4. What's the best sniper I can get for $100?

5. What's the best aeg I can get for under $100

6. I'm in cadets so I know how to be safe with a gun

7. I've been hunting/shooting real guns since I was 5 so I should get to play even though I'm only 12

8. My uncle is a sniper, he tought me how to make ghilliesuits

9. I know I can't buy a gun, but where can I buy all the parts to build myself a complete gun.

10. I know I can't buy a gun until I'm 18, but check out this gun (insert link to random page), does anyone own one? is it worth it?

11. I know I can't have guns but me and my dad want to try out the sport...

12. I know I can't have guns, but me and my dad want a project to work on together.

13. Guys I'm 12 but I'm reaaaaal mature for my age, soooo...umm where can I get the guns at?


14. Will this gun (insert gun name here) get seized if I try to import it from this site? (insert out of country airsoft site here) - courtesy of Schlyder

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