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Agreed Bograin...

Originally Posted by BoGrain View Post
I do agree with Sportco that most people swap aegs at some point (I did buy a second aeg - my MP40 - after 4 months of airsoft - turns out that my DDR NVA impression was almost impossible to assemble and flecktarn + AK is kind a farb - I am kind of an hypocrite albeit I still use my AK for winter games and as a backup weapon); however, starting out with an aeg you like will make or break your airsoft experience (I have a friend who bought a TF16 and thought I was dumb to buy my G&G AK for twice as much. He ended up with a broken aeg - stripped gears - after 3 games; my AK is still going strong after 5 games and many skirmishes). Making the wrong choice can be fixed by simply selling your aeg in the classified and buying a new one. Still, making the right decision in the first place is ultimately better for your wallet and you can invest the difference on something useful like a good radio or extra mags etc.
I hear you Braw... when I said "commun all around"... I mean popular not lower quality...

Has for pricing... I'm sure that you will agree that between 400 and 550 is a nice round number for a first AEG... (( use the leftovers for a GBBP plus extra mags ))

After all for many of us happiness is in numbers not ultimate quality... exception made of sniper rifles of course...

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