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Question Nooooooooob..advice please

Hey so im new to the actual game of airsoft..I used to play about a year and a half ago with those weak ass spring plastic got old tho cuz we didnt have an actual team or anything..anyways, my buddy is starting up a team and everything and im curious to know what the costs are going to be..
for example, what is $500 canadian going to do for me? could i buy myself a decent gun, ammo, sum add ons and armor or am i going to need more? anyone have a website where i can look at ordering that kind of stuff from canada(dont wanna have to deal with the border) Ive found a few websites but they all american and i wanna pay canadian and have no risk trying to get an actual airsoft gun across the border(nota clear one) Theres a local gun shop nearby and it carries hunting equipment and shit and its where i got my plastic one awile u think they would order in a metal one? Is there a website explaining where lots of tournaments are held and what not. How many members you need on a team and you think u should have an extra person or two if someone isnt dedicated to coming to tournaments and shit? If theres any other things i need to know about can u please just leave a post explaining anything about the game of airsoft.. Thanks alot
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