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I like the cyma AKs for a first gun... it's ridiculously affordable and a pretty reasonable performer, especially for the price. It's minimal investment to try out the sport, and if you want to continue, you're eventually going to either upgrade or get a new gun, unless you drop your shit all the time it's not going to break.

If you fall on it, well a vfc is going to break/bend/snap in half just the same, the difference being you'll cry more with the vfc.

If you like the AK look and want to get in the game reasonably equipped for a good price, the cyma is hard to beat.

If money isn't much of an option, then sky is the limit, just keep in mind it's been a buyer's market on guns in the last year, so if you decide airsoft is not for you, selling a used gun can be tricky as imo you'll take a pretty huge hit on the price with so many options. Starting out with a cheap gun makes sense, if you can't sell it you're not out a lot of money.

If you like the m4 look, then the king arms m4 is usually the go to gun for the price.

Between the 2 if you want to do work on the guts, the AK is easier to work with because it's a v3 gearbox. Easier to get out of the gun, fewer screws to open the gearbox.

if 500 is your limit TOTAL for gun and gear, cyma and KA are going to be your best choices. AKs and M4s have lots of cheap premade rigs and vests. Getting a good molle rig and separate pouches on top of that will put you neck deep into spending.

Don't forget quality goggles, mags, batteries, charger, BBs, boots, hydration solution. They all add up.

I put together kit for a friend last year with a KA m4 and we hit 500 with mags, gun, battery and charger. He had the rest already.
I futz with V2s, V3s and V6s. I could be wrong... but probably, most likely not, as far as I know.
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