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I dunno if Shaharov has updated this months game info and such on here... but if you get ahold of him theres a Game in Duncan on sunday 3pm-8pm ..

easiest way to get ahold of that group is on Facebook - Northern Arms Airsoft they usually have ATLEAST 2 games a month using both a private field and Midway paintball in duncan

there is a group relatively close to you in Uculet they were section 8 airsoft.. I think they changed their names though. they have a couple supposdily wicked private fields

SIR in victoria (my home group) run at the Victoria fish and game, with our own 'private' section of land ... close enough to active gun ranges that it adds a nice atmosphere LOL they run once a month

we also have a group from Saltspring Island that comes over to play in duncan and when we can we go over to their fields

and there are a couple people working on finalizing a private field in courtenay which looks like it'll be a pretty wicked venue
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