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Hello everyone,

I've been looking into Airsoft for awhile now after seeing some of my buddies playing a game. Anyways I'm 20 years old (21 in Feb.) and I'm currently serving in the Canadian Forces (Final Weeks of Basic Training). I live in Brantford Ontario.

I do have a few questions and I dont want to make another post asking. Please mind my questions if they have been answered, I do not have alot of time at the base to search every post.

My main question goes out to any military out there. Is there enough time to get into Airsoft and play games if I'm in the military. My trade is Infantry and some have said that there are weeks where you will do nothing and weeks where you wont stop but I would like to know from people who might have experienced this. I obviously have no time now during Basic Training but I have a few weeks left and I'm done.

My second question is, is it kindove going overboard to have my starting set something like a M4 with an EOTech as my starting AEG? I love M4's and I'm not a huge fan of all of the fancy optics and sights hell I think the CFs ELCAN is to huge heh. But as a start would that be good or a little to much.

My last question is... For finding games and events, I know you can find them here but are there some to look out for, for people who have never played a real skirmish or milsim (thats what its called right?). I have only done little forest scenarios in my buddies private forest in his backyard nothing organized.

I am very sorry if some of these questions have been previously answered just let me know and when I have time I will look them up.
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