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I have PM'd him about it and he stopped PMing me back. And what I said is stop posting unless it's relevant you dummy but thanks for adding another useless post.

Originally Posted by SurplusIG View Post
It's 50/50 as stated by the manufacturer and i told you that in the pm's before you purchased it, i am sorry that at your age you're still iliterate, go choke on a barbie doll's hair at least at your age you might be forgiven ... kiddo
Vlad your statement shows who is the kiddo here. You probably lost a lot of business from that immature comment alone. I know a lot of people don't want to do business with asshats. Nicely done.

You did not say anything about 50/50 cotton nylon when I purchased it, you said it was like the issued combat cloth or frontenac.

Again, it isn't 50/50 cotton nylon, it might be ripstop. 50/50 cotton nylon and 50/50 cotton nylon ripstop are different. Doesn't really matter though what the material is, it matters what it ISN'T, which is the combat cloth like material which you told me it was, which is why this issue exists.

And between the two of us it really seems you are the one having trouble understanding or comprehending what's being said/written.

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