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Complete Noob/Paintballer Getting into Airsoft

Seeing how some other guys i know are getting into airsoft, i finally decided to look into it and see just how different it was from paintball.

So a few questions:

Is Airsoft just a MilSim version of Paintball?*Sorta Answered*

Is the velocity adjustable on the guns?*Answered*

Is there such a thing as a good cheap gun? (IF i do get into Airsoft, it would be on the lowest of low ends)*Sorta Answered*

Are all Airsoft guns horribly "Un-Durable" as my brother claims?*Answered*

Should you wear more protection then you would for paintball? *Answered*

Is THIS: any good?

If that isint, were can i get a good (yet cheap) M8?

And Finally, is it impossible to ship Airsoft stuff from the US? *Answered*

thanks, and please forgive me if these questions are ubernoobish and were awnserd 1000s of times before.

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