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Originally Posted by zone 69 View Post
I think some giude lines need to be posted up as to what a game host responsibilitys are and what it means to host an airsoft game and why a game host is needed.

I feel alot of peeps just don't know how to host games properly or just was never tolled how to do so from the older players. At least that seems what happen here in k-town.

So the meaning of game host is lost here do the fact that no one knows what is expected of them.
sadly, Ive seen some hosts not knowing what to do but what's worse is that they don't know how to be a leader.

if noobs are to host a game, maybe a few of the experienced/regular hosts could put together a brief outline/guide of the ins and outs of a hosting a game from, booking the field and posting the thread to doing the safety briefing (regardless if there are new people attending) and cleaning up afterward.
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