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Originally Posted by Double Tapper View Post
Then how are they buying them in stores?,I haven't seen them.Are
they out there to be bought?.And which type of gun is it,airsoft or
or a proper non firing replica,or a dewatt as some one had mentioned?.
Realistic airsoft guns are banned for being replicas. However, you can get many models of pellet and BB guns that look like the real steel. There are several Walther models that are identical to the real deal. Umarex also make Desert Eagle and Beretta 92FS and Px4 Storm pistols that look just like the real thing. There are Glock pellet guns that are also very close to the real steel. These are classifies as imitation firearms rather than replicas, even though they are replicas as well. These are what a majority of these crimes are commited with and not airsoft. Although I'm sure there are airsoft incidents as well, they aren't the majority of cases.
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