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Originally Posted by GuardianWolf View Post
ther are many problems with all of this, one is money, its gonna do like the gun registry, 2 out right bans of the products in question are possible and gonna happen, 3 i get alot of people in quebec come in to buy or look at the guns, so i find that poll is skewed(this is just my personal opinion for the soutshore/montreal/easter townships region), 4 the time its gonna take to pass this bill have it finalized and implemented the amount of air rifles pellets guns etc sold are gonna either go way up cause you had it before the date, or everyones just gona throw them out. but as someone else already stated, in our criminal code not just in quebec but in canada, any use of an item resembling any weapon(this case a firearm) is treated as a real weapon and the person(s) in use of such items to perpetrate a crime, or any act considered a crime or harm to some one else, are to be prosecuted to the extent if it actually was real, so yeah point a water pistol thats black at a cop expect to get shot
Funny thing is that people arn't prosecuted like a real firearm (if at all) due to it being a "toy" gun. Great example recently was the driveby by couple of teens in Manitoba ( Maybe if people realized that they would be prosecuted then we wouldn't have this. However, just because you may not get prosecuted doesn't mean u wont get shot. I dont know why people tangle with the police with airsoft guns.
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